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The Road2Wholeness Blog is an offering of the GEMS I've been collecting along my personal road to wholeness.  The purpose of this Blog is to encourage, empower, and enrich the lives of women who are pursuing healing.     

I am a writer, teacher, thinker, and speaker.  Ultimately, my interest resides in the areas of Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Awareness, and Personal Development.  

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I believe our Road2Wholeness to be a road to remembering our Divine Birthright, and I encourage those who feel broken to begin the journey of remembering through the practice of stillness.     
On the blog, I mainly share insights on Self-Love, God's Love, Forgiveness, Purging Toxic Emotions, Emotional Weight Loss, and Mindset Building; all of which I've had to develop, bring into awareness, or overcome personally.  In each blog that I write, my goal is to go beyond the surface, in order to help uproot the idea of brokenness and inefficiency

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New Suspended-Release Novel Series​​​​
The Decks and the Road
The Decks and the Road Novel Series serves as an extension of the already established foundation by the author NaTisha R. Williams, of characterizing ‘the decks of our lives’ and ‘the ­roads of our lives’.  The first novel in the Suspended-Release Novel Series Freeborn was released between October 2017 and January 2018.  Whereas Freeborn was a pull from the deck, Erased the second book in series, will be a call from the Road and the suspended-release is set to begin this May. 

The series begins with two of the main characters from the author’s first novel Renegotiating Kayla, and expounds on several of the characters introduced in the author’s second novel A Better Pair of Shoes.  Readers are directed to begin with the book A Better Pair of Shoes, in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the series.

The novel series covers a wide scope of life and social issues.  In Freeborn, Williams covered family legacy, fatherlessness, betrayal, unexpected joy, and boldly used her characters Tayeton Fisher and Dr. Kat Shepherd to pose tough questions about Love as it pertains to HIV/AIDS.  As with nearly each chapter, the series is expected to present many surprises while continuing the tug of war between the cards we’re dealt and the roads we choose.

Throughout the series characters will be shifted in and out of leading roles.  Erased is set to introduce a whole new set of voices, as some passive roles become pivotal. Before the road runs out on this 3-book series, the author would have covered three generations. 

For a fluid lead into Erased, Williams held back chapter 29b of Freeborn which instinctively becomes the introduction to the second novel, and she is still holding out on the title of the third book which will be announced sometime after the suspended-release of Erased.

The series is Free online on Blogger at thedecksandtheroad.blogspot.com.  Also on the Blog, readers can enjoy award presentations for Best Male and Female Performances, Most Influential Voice, the Adam and Eve Award, and Best Character Introduction. 

Visitors to the site should use the drop down menu at the upper left hand corner, and then utilize the ‘Labels’ menu to navigate the book.
Read Freeborn at: thedecksandtheroad.blogspot.com

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L ive  A ccept B ​ecome
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